Click here to check out the latest GML4J releases. Note that the version GML4J 1.0 beta was dropped altogether. The latest release is 1.02 beta.

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The GML4J versioning scheme works as follows:

A version number is a decimal number with two decimal digits A.XY (starting with 1.0). Y is advanced by one for a new release that fixes a bug or two. X is advanced by one each time a significant number of smaller bugs have been fixed and/or the API has been slightly modified or enhanced. A is advanced by one for major enhancements/improvements of the API. Every advancement of the more significant number nullifies the less significant numbers (e.g. 1.25 to 1.30 and then 2.0). Also, Y is omitted if it is 0 (1.0 instead of 1.00).

GML4J makes use of JDOM 6 beta, and therefore cannot be deemed better than beta quality. We've tested GML4J on a number of GML application schemas, including some pretty large ones (100 Kb), but the API has to prove itself more before being able to go to production.

Note that the GML4J version number does not necessarily match the current GML specification version number (although it may accidentally). GML4J 1.02 was designed for GML 2.0 and NOT for GML 1.0.

GML4J Releases

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