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This is the home page for GML4J, the Java API for facilitating work with Geography Markup Language (GML). GML is a framework for encoding geography information in XML whose version 2.0 has been endorsed as a recommendation paper by Open GIS Consortium (OGC).

GML4J has been initially developed by Galdos Systems Inc. for experimental purposes. It is now an open-source project aimed at promoting and facilitating the use of GML.

GML4J is already a potent API whose strength is based on its schema-parsing capability. However, because its experimental origins this API will have to undergo a maturation phase to become reliable enough for use in production.

The success of GML4J evolution depends on us, "GMLers", who will contribute to it and make it better over the time.

Click here to go the project's group page at SourceForge.

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Last updated: 14-Jun-2001

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